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How to Play Tembak Ikan Online?

When engaging with the Mega888 Online platform and playing the game “Da Sheng Nao Hai” or “Ocean King” Fish Shooter, you’ll be transported to the beautiful underwater world where marine life holds giant jackpot prizes, and colorful fish await to be shot. This captivating Tembak Ikan Online game ushers in a new era for players. Unlike typical slot games, all you need to do is select your weapon and start earning limitless profits.

Unfamiliar with how to play online fish shooting games? It’s incredibly simple. Choose your weapon and start shooting fish. The more points you accumulate, the better your chances of taking down big fish and receiving substantial jackpots.

Features of the Tembak Ikan Online Game

This game is packed with features that help you maximize your payouts. It caters to players of all levels, providing professional fishing equipment that’s easy to use, including nets, fish finders, firearms, and water bombs. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with playing online fish hunting games.

Remember, at any time, the bomb can explode and destroy all fish on the screen, undoubtedly a winning feature. Also, don’t forget about fishing season—a lucky time for your bank account when a large number of fish appear on the screen. Just a single additional fish can significantly boost your payout. And it’s simple too! Search, hunt, and sort through the entire catalog of big fish on your device, hunt fish, and win real money.

How to Get Started?

To begin, you can choose your shooting weapon. The first option allows you to bet 1-9 coins and activate 1 gun, while the second lets you bet 10-90 coins and activate 2 guns. The third option, a thrilling choice, allows bets of 100-1000 coins and offers 3 guns. After the game platform is open, you can further adjust your bet by clicking the “+” and “-” buttons at the bottom of the screen. Hunting fish and winning cash is that easy!

Don’t Forget to Register as a Mega888 Malaysia Player First

This ensures you can play the fish shooting game in Mega888 without any hindrance, easily deposit funds, and carry out withdrawal transactions. Mega888 is a well-known Popular Casino in Malaysia that provides a secure platform for playing.

Best Tips for Playing Tembak Ikan Online Game

  1. Use Specific Tactics This strategy is suitable for beginners to play online fish shooting games at online casinos. To save bullets and increase your chances of winning, focus on eliminating small fish. Whatever the case, this is one of the most popular and straightforward methods to play online fish hunting games. Many players overlook these small fish and always target larger ones. What a mistake! This is not the right approach for beginners. If you follow the same mindset as other players, you’ll likely lose your entire stake!

  2. Shoot Fish as Soon as They Appear Shoot as soon as they appear. This way, you’ll undoubtedly earn more money by targeting larger fish.

  3. Adequate Bullets, Fish Will Die For instance, if a fish is worth 5 points, you need to shoot it with 10 bullets to eliminate it. From this method, a concept emerged: shooting marbles. You can learn this trick below.

However, to execute this effectively, you need to be precise and quick, as the number of visible fish is significant. Don’t worry about wasting bullets. If you succeed with this technique, you’ll receive significant rewards.

  1. Apply Ballpoint Shots This is also a technique to win over gamblers. By shooting a few bullets against the wall, these bullets will bounce back towards your target as you continue firing directly at the fish. The fish death rate will be very high due to the double-bullet effect. Although this may consume more bullets and incur additional costs, many fish will be killed. If you’re lucky, you might even kill nearby fish when stray bullets hit them.

  2. Kill Big Fish with Adequate Bullets This tactic is suitable for players with a substantial bankroll. If you have a significant reserve, your target should be large fish like mermaids, crocodiles, or sharks. For each fish you kill, you can earn a reward 200 times your bet.

However, you should apply this method in specific cases. Since it’s easy to lose track of how many bullets you’ve shot at a fish when there are numerous fish on the screen or not many opponents at the online fish shooting table.

Is Tembak Ikan Online a Safe Game?

Absolutely! Once you’ve found your treasure trove at the online fish shooting table after battling the sea for hours, you’ll want to withdraw your bonuses. Mega888 Malaysia guarantees support and swiftly and securely processes withdrawal requests.

All you need to do is submit a withdrawal request to our Customer Service section via Live Chat, Chatbox, WhatsApp, and our Mega888 staff will verify the necessary information and promptly transfer the funds to you. It only takes a few minutes for you to receive your money in your bank account. The process is straightforward.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff for fast and accurate advice!



At Mega888 Online Malaysia, all games are dedicated to enhancing the experience of our members. We are a trusted website for playing online fish hunting games and other online games. You can withdraw your winnings whenever you want. The engaging features make the fish hunting gambling game one of the most popular worldwide.

This distinctiveness is the highlight of Popular Casino in Malaysia Mega888 Malaysia and sets it apart from many renowned agents in Singapore. With trust and a mission to provide the best experience for players, Mega888 Malaysia also offers 24/7 customer service ready to serve players. Our customer service team is enthusiastic and always ready to assist you, whether it’s for withdrawals, deposits, consultations, or answering any questions.


Tembak Ikan Online

Tembak Ikan Online, it offers a strategy and best entertainment. Jackpot MEGA888, it offers a wonderful online gaming, all while being amplified by the excitement of the Jackpot MEGA888. We take great pleasure in providing the best with a first-class experience with the Jackpot MEGA888.


Why choose Tembak Ikan Online on Mega888?


Tembak Ikan Online is unique and exciting entertainment experience. Tembak Ikan Online offers an energetic and action-packed experience. Tembak Ikan Online giving the classic arcade games, this game takes the simple idea of shooting fish and turns it into an engaging online journey. Please be enjoy the entertainment and have on MEGA888.

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